Purest Coconut Oil - Organic and Cold Pressed
  • Purest Coconut Oil - Organic and Cold Pressed
  • Coconut Oil Organic Cold Pressed  1000ml

Coconut Oil Organic Cold Pressed 1000ml

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Purva Naturals Coconut Oil has five qualities that make it the finest coconut oil.

  1. Copra made from Organic Coconuts

  2. Coconuts naturally Sun-dried (No chemicals are used to speed-up the drying process)

  3. Slow Ground in a Special Rotor (Cold Pressed)

  4. Gravity Filtered (Oil allowed to settle slowly)

  5. Milled at Optimum Moisture (3-4%) (ensuring a long shelf life)


Each process involves a lot of time, effort and cost. But the end result is an amazing Coconut Oil that we present to you with great love and care.

We are very proud of our product. We have never had any customer returning our product in our 8 years of business.

Benefits of consuming cold pressed coconut oil

  1. It has saturated fats that increases HDL, ( good cholesterol) and decreases LDL, the bad cholesterol into a less harmful form. HDL boosts heart health and reduces the risk of heart attack.

  2. Cold-pressed coconut oil has the potential to stabilize blood sugar spikes and promote insulin secretion.

  3. Ketones present in cold-pressed coconut oil offer alternative energy source to brain cells and enhances cognitive abilities. This gradually improves mind-body coordination to reduce effects of cognitive diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or epileptic seizures.

  4. HDL improves metabolic health; ketones decrease appetite and MCT enhances body burning calorie number. Thus, consuming coconut oil results in weight loss in the long run.

  5. Using it as the main cooking oil can help in increasing absorption of vital nutrients from our food into the body, mainly calcium and magnesium that boost bone health.

  6. Certain fatty acids in coconut oil can kill toxic pathogens like virus, fungi, bacteria. They help prevent various infections of the body like yeast infection, help heal stomach ulcers and also promote oral hygiene.

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